More than 11 million Syrians have left their homes, due to the civil war that started in 2011. These 11 million are among the 60 million refugees and internally displaced people around the globe right now. This means one out of every 122 people in the world has left their home due to violence, war, or persecution. It is important to understand the broad scope of this issue, but the gravity of these statistics can also overshadow individual stories and make us feel like it is hopeless.


This lesson plan is designed to help you & your students explore:

  1.  Empathy: Students will have the capacity to understand perspectives, feelings, and experiences of others, including those from different cultural, national, or religious backgrounds.
  2. Critical Thinking: Students will be able to synthesize and reflect upon their learning, including consideration of multiple sources or perspectives.
  3. Global Awareness: Students deepen understanding of cultural diversity and global issues

Clouds over Sidra - Within

VR-GA  8 min 2015

Welcome to Aleppo- RYOT

VR- M 3 min 2015 



Below are additional experiences that can be used in this curriculum.  


Fear of  the Sky 

An immersive self-guided VR tour, using 360 photography to narrate scenes destroyed by bombings in Aleppo, Syria.

VR- MA // Time: 6 min // Produced by: Amnesty International

The Displaced

War has driven 30 million children from their homes. These are the stories of three of them – from South Sudan, Syria and Ukraine. This film, puts you in refugee camps and desolate villages, where you can witness firsthand the lives of the displaced refugees – their limited options and also their extraordinary, heart-filling resilience.

VR – GA  //  Time: 11 min //Produced by: The New York Times & With.In ( Download the app ) 

Pursuit of Happiness

A four-part portrait of Syrian refugees and internally displaced people in Kurdistan, Iraq.

VR- GA // Time: 5-6 min // portrait // Produced by: VR Gorilla & the International Rescue Committee